Trenchless Works official monthly ISTT magazine

Publicerad: 19 april, 2021

ISTT is pleased to announce an agreement with Westrade Group, Ltd (WTG) for Trenchless Works to be the official monthly ISTT magazine. ISTT will join Trenchless Works with the release of the April 2021 issue. The issue will be distributed to ISTT members electronically.

”I am delighted to be able to confirm our new media partner Trenchless Works, and welcome them into the ISTT community,” said ISTT Chair Jan Kaokonen. Trenchless Works has long been the official publication for the UKSTT. ISTT is a UK company and so rejoins its roots in the United Kingdom.

Among the traditional articles covering the trenchless world, the April issue will feature contributions from the Finnish Society for Trenchless Technology (FiSTT). Subsequent issues will feature a selected society each month. Each issue will also include a Members Nation Page that illustrates all 26 ISTT societies with links to their websites.

According to Paul Harwood, Manager Director of WTG, ”We have bid ideas and high expectations for our partnership with ISTT. We want to publish more exclusive ISTT news and content than ever, promoting trenchless technology in regional areas around the world. We will focusing on a specific affiliated society in each issue, examining local case studies, achievement-led stories, manufacturer and supplier news, contractor updates and projects, and exploring the geography of the region to see how trenchless technology is the technique of choice.”

The agreement between ISTT and WTG covers more than the monthly online magazine. The website Trenchless Works is online now as a media partner of ISTT. WTG is exploring alternative online platforms that will be developed in the coming months. Included is consideration of Trenchless Works TV (TWTV) that will include the hosting of webinar, master class and other ISTT video resources on a TWTV channel.

Trenchless Works welcomes content from ISTT Affiliated Societies in their native language, and will be translated for use in both the monthly online magazine and website/e-newsletter. Readership for the ISTT-affiliated magazine is estimated to include 50.000 readers worldwide. According to the WTG announcement, ”The combination of Trenchless Works and our worldwide trenchless events, provides a unique… opportunity for companies to stay engaged and connected to the trenchless community 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.”