An open forum and meeting place for discussion

Scandinavian Society for Trenchless Technologys, SSTT’s, website is an open forum and meeting place for discussion, exchange of experiences, dissemination of information and development of NoDig technology. The members are all actors in NoDig construction and trenchless technology.

SSTT contributes to a positive and sustainable societal development and a minimum of environmental impact and resource use in terms of expansion, maintenance and renewal of society's technical infrastructure.

SSTT is an association open to everyone. The association members work with NoDig methods for management and owners, consultants, contractors, suppliers, etc.

SSTT is a meeting place for disseminating information between everyone who works with NoDig methods. Within SSTT, the pros and cons of new construction, maintenance and renewal of facilities are discussed. Both technically and financially.

As a member, you participate in a network of committed employees who share their experiences of NoDig methods in monthly newsletters and on this website and in the international magazine Trenchless Technology.

SSTT arranges network meetings, theme days, annual meetings and joint trips to conferences and exhibitions.

Scandinavian Society for Trenchless Technology is a Scandinavian collaboration, which began in 1989 and is active in Norway and Sweden. SSTT participates in international cooperation with similar organizations around the world.