GPR innovations trialled in Indonesia

Publicerad: 16 mars, 2020

Foto Terra Drone Indonesia website

Foto Terra Drone Indonesia website

Terra Drone Indonesia has trialled its new innovations by combining drone technology and ground penetrating radar (GPR).

The trials were completed with PT Airborne Geophysics Indonesia and the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) Geophysics Lab.

During the trial, the drone carrying the GPR sensor was flown over tunnels and underground utilities in the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia with different heights and speeds.

The obtained data is processed and interpreted by geophysicists and then compared with actual field conditions, allowing for the process to provide accurate results.

By combining technologies, new potential uses of drones and GPR have opened, particularly in areas of utility location that may be challenging or unsafe.

Conventional GPR methods require field personnel to go directly to the field by carrying GPR tools and conducting surveys, which could often be a dangerous operation.

Owed to the drone technology that carries the GPR, personnel in the field no longer need to go directly to the service area, therefore offering a safer and more efficient GPR survey solution.

Terra Drone Indonesia has previously tested several new technological innovations together with ITB and is open to collaborating with additional parties who are interested in this new application.

For more information visit the Terra Drone Indonesia website.

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