Hawle collaborates on its NoDig technology

Publicerad: 11 februari, 2020

ProKARSO's sophisticated robotics will be integrated into the Hawle NoDig equipment.

ProKARSO's sophisticated robotics will be integrated into the Hawle NoDig equipment.

Hawle Water Technology Norge AS and ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH are collaborating for the commercialisation of a technology that aims to revolutionise the trenchless market.

A world first was achieved when Hawle demonstrated that service connections for water supply can be established from a basement without a pit or trench on the water main in the street, eliminating all the unwanted implications of street excavations.

This difference from existing semi-trenchless techniques requires vast additional technological efforts including:

  • accurate determination of the main line’s position
  • precise steerable drilling of a blind hole
  • durable connection, without manual aid, of a 1 to 2 inch (26 to 51 mm) service pipe to a main of 150 mm diameter or more
  • a portable, light-weight component design that provides enough power to handle the sits conditions.

Despite many sophisticated pipe locating, precision drilling and durable connecting methods already existing, the required miniaturisation scale rules out using off-the-shelf components for the new technology; therefore, purpose-built prototypes had to be developed that would require industrialisation and commercialisation.


Collaboration partner
ProKASRO Mechatronic GmbH has become an indispensable part of the global pipe rehabilitation industry with its established pipe robots and UV curing systems that arise from an undying pioneering spirit spanning the last two decades.

This collaboration will perfectly merge each partner’s core competences through envisaging the industrialisation and commercialisation of the technology under ProKASRO’s lead. The two companies anticipate the first series production equipment will be available in two to three years, in accordance with the strong market push for this technique.

The partnership is focused on user-friendliness and affordability, which is why, once market available, many water pipeline projects will also be able to be converted to trenchless resulting in a global boost to the industry.

ProKASRO CEO Uwe Reinhardt has a strong belief that Hawle NoDig technology can meet the key need of the industry: maintaining and upgrading potable water supply networks by non-disruptive means, while Hawle Austria Group CEO Martin Kast said Hawle is thrilled about the ProKASRO collaboration.

“The end result of this partnership means that trenchless contractors will have access to a new tool, increasing their capabilities and resulting in greater efficiency for their businesses,” said Mr Kast.

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