Direct Pipe for successful breakthrough

Publicerad: 4 december, 2019

Herrenknecht’s Direct Pipe® method was used by BelTruboprovodStroy to achieve successful breakthrough on the Danube River Crossing.

The Herrenknecht’s Direct Pipe method – which combines the advantages of microtunnelling and HDD technology – was used to install a 1,409 m pipeline beneath the Danube River in Serbia.

In a single step, a prefabricated pipeline can be installed while the required borehole is excavated at the same time allowing for prompt and highly economic installation of pipelines.

Additionally, the footprint of the equipment at both the launch and reception points is much smaller with the Direct Pipe® compared to other methods.

As the entire jobsite infrastructure is located on one side of the crossing and the machine is retrieved from the sea floor or lake bed once reaching the planned distance, this method is ideal for river-based projects.

BelTruboprovodStroy is a leading gas and construction company in Belarus, which successfully used the Herrenknecht technology to successfully execute the Danube River Crossing project while meeting the constraints of the location.

For more information visit the Herrenknecht website.

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