Restoration specialist secures patent

Publicerad: 26 juni, 2019

Foto ePipe/ACE DuraFlo Systems

Foto ePipe/ACE DuraFlo Systems

A pipe restoration manufacturer has secured a patent for a coating process that protects failing non-metallic pipes and fittings.

The patent, awarded to ePIPE®, covers the methods, processes, compositions and systems for preventing leaching effects from non-metallic pipes used in water supply systems with minimum inside diameter of 12 mm.

Non-metallic pipes – including those made from cross-linked polyethylene, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride – are often installed with metallic fittings.

The fittings and the pipe can leak, prematurely degrade and cause property damage as a result of premature corrosion or pipe failure.

The patented method involves a two-part thermoset resin coating being applied to the inner surfaces of the pipes, before curing takes place, after which pipes may be returned to service within 4–24 hours.

“We are pleased to have been awarded patent #10279375 to our growing portfolio of over 40 US and international patents aimed at providing in-place protective technologies to water carrying piping systems,” said ePIPE and ACE DuraFlo Systems CEO Larry Gillanders.

“Pipes as small as half an inch in diameter can be restored in-place, often the same day with minimal physical damage that is associated with a conventional re-pipe.”

For more information visit the ePIPE website.

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