A.Hak completes trenchless installation ahead of schedule

Publicerad: 11 juni, 2019

Photo A.Hak

A.Hak has completed a Direct Pipe® installation ahead of schedule in Israel.

The company completed the 1,110 m, 56 inch (1,422 mm) zero-footprint landfall installation of a gas pipeline for TechnipFMC using a Herrenknecht Direct Pipe microtunnel boring machine ahead of schedule, with no safety incidents.

Greek international oil and gas exploration and production company Energean will use the pipeline to bring natural gas onshore from the Karish Tanin gas field in the Mediterranean Sea.

A.Hak received the drilling contract for the project after its first successful Direct Pipe installation  Allseas was completed nearby.

The installation method was selected to protect the coastline in the area where rare sea turtles breed.

An additional advantage was an increase in safety, as the number of diving hours required was reduced at least 85 per cent.

After visiting the site during the project, A.Hak Executive Board Member Rob Bombeeck said he was able to fully appreciate the teams efforts after seeing the project and speaking to the crew.

“It’s impressive to see how a highly motivated team that is perfectly attuned to each other can handle such a complex technical and logistical operation smoothly,” he said.

For more information visit the A.Hak website.

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