Tideway launches 'Tunnel Vision' – a new YouTube series about the project

Publicerad: 23 oktober, 2020

The company building London’s super sewer has launched a brand new YouTube series to bring Londoners behind the scenes on this vital environmental project.

"Tunnel Vision" will take a closer-then-ever look at the two dozen construction sites that make up the project, its amazing engineering and the people dedicated to cleaning up the River Thames.

Episode one showcases Blackfriars, one of the most important sites on the Tideway project, and hears from engineers on site as the innovative ‘floated culvert’ manoeuvre took place.

The show features tunnel boring machines, exploring their history, development and their modern-day use on projects like ours.

We also took to the streets to see if Londoners know just how much sewage spills into the River Thames each year – and whether anyone had heard of Tideway.

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