HS2 releases TBM images

Publicerad: 8 juni, 2020

The new TBM under construction. Image courtesy of HS2

The new TBM under construction. Image courtesy of HS2

HS2 has released the first images of its new Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines (TBM) that will help construct the new high-speed rail line.

HS2 is a new high-speed railway linking London, the Midlands and the north, serving more than 25 stations across eight of Britain’s largest cities.

This week, the first images of two TBMs were released with the machines to run non-stop for 3.5 years until the required tunnelling works are complete.

Constructed in Germany by Herrenknecht, the TBMs are 170 m in length, weigh approximately 2,000 t and will tunnel up to 80 m below the surface.

The machines will have a 10.26 m cutterhead, while the internal diameter of the tunnels the trains will pass through will be 9.1 m and lined with concrete segments weighing 8.5 t.

HS2 Chief Executive Mark Thurston said the project’s construction was an amazing opportunity to showcase the infrastructure capabilities.

“The TBMs are one of the most fascinating aspects,” he said.

“Like mini cities, they will spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week boring under the Chilterns so that the homes and habitats above remain undisturbed.”

HS2 is inviting the public to vote on their favourite TBM name from a shortlist of three inspired by female scientific and medical pioneers.

HS2 is scheduled to open in phases between 2029 and 2035.


For more information visit the HS2 website.

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