GUTERMANN launches new technology

Publicerad: 19 december, 2019

The company has launched its new water leak detection technology, the ZONESCAN NB-loT.

The technology is a world-first detected noise logger based on Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-loT) for permanent monitoring of water distribution mains.

NB-loT is a new cellular communication standard for machine-to-machine data communication that outperforms conventional 3G and 4G technologies by using 10 times less power and significantly improving underground coverage.

Additionally, the ZONESCAN NB-IoT logger is GUTERMANN’s first cellular logger, complementing its RF-based ZONESCAN ALPHA system which has established itself as the leading fixed network technology being used globally.

ZONESCAN NET – a cloud-based software – will allow users to see and manage leak detection infrastructure, perform advanced leak analysis, import and display geographic information systems data and more.

GUTERMANN CEO Lucas Grolimund said the company is excited for the potential the technology brings to the industry.

“Our hope is that the ZONESCAN NB-IoT logger will make permanent monitoring of networks more accessible to utilities due to its cost, ease of installation and compact design,” said Mr Grolimund.

“It should therefore contribute to the rapid growth of technology-enabled smart water networks, helping to consistently reduce and maintain lower water loss levels.”

The official market launch of the technology will take place this week at the North America Water Loss exhibition in Nashville, US where GUTERMANN will unveil the new product.

For more information visit the GUTERMANN website.

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