New full service for used Trenchess equipment

Publicerad: 11 november, 2019

The demand for trenchless equipment continues to be high. Yet, the offers on the  market are limited and often subject to long waiting times. Therefore, the purchase of a used drilling system is a worthwhile alternative, especially if the equipment is needed immediately or if it is to be used only occasionally for specific purposes or if the purchase of new equipment would not be reasonable from an economic point of view. In conclusion, well-preserved used machines can be sold on the booming market with good margins.

To enable users of trenchless technology to benefit from this situation to the maximum yet with the minimum effort, TRACTO-TECHNIK now offers a new full service for used equipment. Using smart digital tools and a web shop, supply and demand are optimally matched in order to achieve the best price for buyers and sellers. 

The web shop is linked to the Mascus online marketplace. With around 400,000 online entries on 60 country portals and over 3 million page visitors per month, Mascus is one of the world's largest construction machinery platforms. The entire process from initial inspection of the used machine to price determination and offering of a used machine in the web shop is fast and transparent. Necessary repairs and inspection are carried out professionally by TRACTO-TECHNIK staff and certified with the ‘Certified Used Equipment’ seal of approval which guarantees top quality full operability and a stable value. 

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